Your skills are your most valuable asset in the world. You can lose everything; your skills will get you back. One of such valuable assets are writing and software crafts skills. You can trade your skills by proving freelance service in any of these areas: Article writing, copywriting, article rewriting, technical writing, ebook and special report writing, proofreading, project researching, graphic designing, web designing, programming, website updating, Blog commenting, Forum commenting, e.t.c.

Freelance service is all about exchanging your skills and time in any of the above services for an agreed fee. The person who provides any of the above service for a fee is called a Freelancer. The job itself is called Freelancing.

What is required here majorly is skills and time. You can acquire any of these skills in few days or weeks. And the dominating skills there are writing skills. Some article directories sites like will teach you good writing skills the first few days or weeks you join. You can grow into an expert author in few days. I became an expert author the second week I joined.

Another smart way to get skills is to Google search a particular area of training that you need. E.g. “how to write ebook”, “how to start copywriting”, whatever you wish to learn, there are zillions of free training on them online.

Your aim is zero cost start but with little fee you can join membership sites that provides specific skills. Also, forums like warrior forum and digital point are great resource for skills acquisition online. On getting the little skill that you need, you can proceed to the following steps.

 Step 1: Where You Can Get Freelance Jobs.

You can get a freelance job as an authority in your blog. People may mail you directly to help them write articles for a fee or give them right over your certain article for a fee. Mind you, you need to be an expert to get such jobs.

You can get freelance jobs by approaching bloggers and website owners to give you a job. In this case you need to proof yourself capable of the job you are looking for. Search out blogs in your niche; send them mails on how you can serve them for a fee.

You can get freelance jobs easily by being active in online forums and social networks. Your posts and comments can make people approach you to serve them. Some authority forums like warrior forum and digital point forum, usually place direct adverts for freelance jobs. In fact, you can learn freelancing from warrior forum and start making money there with those same skills. You have to try Warrior forum, because that forum is known to be the home of all gurus online.

Above all, you can get freelance jobs as much as possible from freelance marketplaces. You can join for free and start receiving freelance jobs from:,,,,,,, and

Article writing job is one of the cheapest ways to earn fast money in these freelance market places. Most website owners need fresh articles to update their website content, and also increase their search engine rating, but they do not have the time to do it, so they rely on freelance article writers to get the job done. Depending on the nature of the job, most of the website owners are prepared to pay from $4 to $10 and more per article. If you can write10 articles a day, you could be earning from $40 to $100 daily i.e. $1,200 to $3000 monthly.

For You to get the best of freelancing jobs, You need to Learn How To Write proposal, respond to job adverts, write resume, bid a job, explain job plans and how to write and package for delivery..all these strategies can be gotten from DailyProfitOnline Membership area. Fill the form behind to get Access.

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Alex Adams

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