Laptop Sales in Nigerian Market

Nigeria is a country of fashion lovers and anything that is beautiful and sophisticated in nature can be widely acceptable by all. In the world today, Nigeria is one of the largest markets for phone users, and because globalization has left so many of us with no option but to have and use a laptop, we can’t help but buy and repair. This is to say that if one laptop becomes un-repairable we’ll be left with no other option than to get a new one.

Going by this, it is certain that laptop in Nigeria will sell and keep selling any time any day. With the current population of Nigeria, if about 50% of the people are laptop users, that means any brand of laptop that is pushed into the Nigerian market will make a huge sale.

If you go to some of the phones outlets in Ikeja, where laptops is being sold, you would discover that apart from buying phones, so many people still troop in and out of these outlets to get one laptop brand or the other for their various use.

One would think it’s no longer of use since our SmartPhones in most cases performs the same function as what is obtainable with the use of a laptop, but that is far from the truth. There is still limit to what a SmartPhone can do compared to a laptop does. Though, the phone makes it easier and faster to work on the go but, the laptop is still the ‘father’.

If a SmartPhone can do everything the computer system can do, how come most companies, offices and businesses still find the use of a computer system imperative? Laptop is a mobile office, which helps you do your official work, even at the comfort of your home, without having to go out of your comfort zone, spend time out there or even spend money on transportation.

This is why laptop will keep selling in the Nigerian market. Remember that Nigerians like good things, and every time a new brand comes out, most users of laptop want to get the latest brand, which is believed to do more than the one in use. If you bring in 1000 laptops into the market today, be sure to sell everything off within the next one week. Because you will have distributors coming to buy, retailers buying from you and also the final users coming to get new ones, either for themselves, for their company or for their relative.

No matter how difficult situation of things may appear, fashion lovers will always want to be what they are and people who are crazy for new brands will always jump at the news of the influx of new laptops to buy and that is why the business of laptop will always thrive in Nigeria.

Smartphones in Nigerian Market

There are more than can be counted Smartphones in the Nigerian market as at today, starting from when telephone and cell phone companies began to create and design Smartphones, there have been so many Smartphones flooding the Nigerian market.

Everyday cell phone companies are working on coming up with new Smartphones while developing the ones already in circulation, that’s why you see a lot of these mobile phones come in various models like, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S5 and so on. This is simply because technology keeps improving by the day; it’s not static and that is why information marketers will tell you not to get tired of consuming information, as the information you had yesterday may become obsolete today.

When you get into any cell phone store today, you will marvel at the sight of Smartphones you will find on display. And the number of people that would be trooping in and out the the store will also confirm to you that Nigerians are Smartphone lovers. I’ll not be surprised to see a Smartphone that is yet to be used by anyone in a phone shop in Nigeria.

Sometime ago, we heard that before any Smartphone is released into any country; the Nigerian market will sample it. That goes to show that Nigeria has the largest patronage for Smartphones. Just imagine what would happen to manufacturers of the cell phones if the Nigerian market stops patronizing them? Sure, they would shut down completely, because Nigeria is their major business.

If 1000 new Smartphones is manufactured today, be it known to you that 600 -700 goes into the Nigerian market. Yes, this is because as you already know, we will buy it. An Average Nigerian phone user, changes phone on a yearly basis while people in the other part of the world, can use their cell phone for several years before they get a new one, so long as the phone remains functional, apart from UK and US that changes their Smartphones too, but rather than have various phones at their disposal, they push out the fairly used ones to countries like ours to be bought as ‘fairly used’ while they get a new one.

The fact still remains that Nigeria being a large country, known to be trend and ‘in vogue’ conscious people is and would remain a major player in the sales and distribution of Smartphones.


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