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Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is a relationship business that has to do with personal recommendation of a product or services. It has also been instrumental over the past 60 years or so to make the recurring income concept very popular and attractive.

Here, you can build a network of distributors, referred to as your down line, and generate income outside of your own immediate effort. Working for Network Marketing Company is one of the most feasible places where you can generate recurring wealth, and so we will now take a look at the secrets to being a successful network marketer.

What is recurring income?

Recurring Income is another term for residual income. In a nutshell, there are three (3) types of income streams that you may have coming into your business.

  1. If you do a normal 9 to 5 job, you will continue to get paid as long you continue to work for your employer—often called a linear income. This is the type of income that the majority of workers “enjoy.” Even if you are a neurosurgeon, lawyer, engineer, or military general you are only paid as long as you continue working. You stop working and the bank account dwindles.
  1. If you do a one-time job, salesman or a contractor, you get paid once according to job and the income stops there.
  1. The third type of income is the recurring income where you are paid even after you have stopped working. For example, you wrote a book and as long as your book continues to sell, you will continue to receive royalty income for a work done once.

Majority of rich and affluent people created wealth through a form of recurring income stream. One of such budding opportunity for any ordinary individual today to enjoy residual income in the 21st century it’s none other than Network Marketing.

According to a respected journalist, Richard Poe, in his book Wave4 – Network Marketing in the 21st Century, Network Marketing is responsible for moving over a whopping **$100 billion** of goods and services yearly on the global front.

I personally see no reason why I should get involved in Network marketing until the I sat down to listen to Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Allen.

Let’s see what some great leaders say about Network Marketing:

  1. “You strengthen our country and our economy not by just striving for your own success but by offering the opportunity to others” Bill Clinton, 42nd President of America
  1. “Network Marketing gives people the opportunity with a very low risk and very low financial commitment to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth” Robert Kiyosaki, world renown Entrepreneur
  1. “The future of Network Marketing is Unlimited. There’s no end in sight. It will continue to grow, because better people are getting into it. It will be one of the respected business methods in the world.” Brain Tracy
  1. “Network Marketing has produced more Millionaires than any other industry in the history of the world”. Les Brown
  1. “Network Marketing-the best investment I ever made” Warran Buffet, the 3rd richest man in the world
  1. Hear what Donald Trump the 45th President of America has to say about Network Marketing:
  • When Donald Trump was asked on TV what he would do if he were to go bankrupt and start all over again he said. “I would choose a good network marketing company and get to work”.
  • “Network Marketing has proven itself to be viable and rewarding source of income. There have been remarkable example of success”
  • Donald Trump, Entrepreneur and Author “I am often asked if Network Marketing is a PyramidScheme. My reply is that corporations really are pyramidschemes. A corporation has only one person at the top, generally the CEO, and everyone else below”.

Anyone can do it regardless of age or gender.  It is a recession proof business. Apart from gaining financial freedom through the residual incomes, you also stand to benefit the following: tax advantages, meet people of like minds, work your time, give yourself time, leverage on an existing system.

With internet technology, network marketing has become easier than ever.

Hear what Bill Gate has to say: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder and the richest man in the world as at 2016.

It is therefore very likely that you have already come in contact with some type of Network Marketing product or service. The concept of moving goods through an army of independent distributors has earned its place in the marketing world despite the negative publicity suffered by the industry.

Network Marketing is here to stay; the question that remains is, “How do I choose a company?” I will ask you the following question too!


What is common denominator in all super successful business people I’ve ever met?


A Mentor and..The Right Tools!

Then Focus, Action, Determination, Accountablity, and Mastermind.

These are the very things you stand to gain as you sign up my form on your right hand side.

Thanks for reading. Start Now!

Alexander Adams, internet entrepreneur and a trainer.

Alex Adams
Alex Adams

Alex Adams is an Internet entrepreneur, a mentor, coach, trainer, seminar leader, and multiple streams of income consultant. He Loves Gaining and Passing knowledge to make a difference!

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