When it comes to making money online, the main question you should ask yourself first is, “How do I get the money into my bank account?” “How do I withdraw it as spendable cash in my hands?” These are vital questions that are needed to be trashed, before attempting to make money online.
This is the reason why I called the payment processor first thing first. You need to know how money moves online, how you can get your online earnings into your bank account, and how to convert it into money in your hands.

There is no need of seeking for money you cannot have access to.  Many people don’t know anything about payment processors and mode of payment online.  For this reason many fall victim of scam and calling the entire internet scam, due to their ignorance.

 I use to hear some people saying you can earn plenty money online but you cannot claim it. That’s not true; they are just ignorance of how the whole system works.

There are some online scams out there, which I will call money in the glass. They will be showing their victims how much they have earned, but the money is not linked to any account. Most of such programs are hypes and get rich quick schemes but what you are learning right now will show you the right path.

There are also online businesses models, that issue checks after 30days, like affiliate programs, network marketing and Google Adsense. All these checks issuing programs may not suit your urgent needs of spendable cash within 24 hours.

When it comes to earning urgent spendable cash Online

There are two Points you must consider!

  1. Your Business Must Generate Immediate Cash Sales, not Money in the glass.

Let us say you have a bill of $250 to settle within the next 7days and you don’t have the patience to wait for those 30 days network checks which take extra 2weeks to mature into spendable into cash – that is 45days altogether. If you expect to make money in the first week, then you will need a business that will generate spendable cash within 7days.

This is not unrealistic, in that there are many workable business models online, which will generate cash in two to three days. This means, you need a business model that will make money immediately you make the sales or services, and that money must be transferable into your bank account and be converted into cash in your hands immediately to settle bills.

  1. You Should Be Able To Convert Your Money Into Spendable Cash Right Away. To build fast cash flow, you must convert your sales or services to cash quickly. This means that when you are paid, you should be able to convert those payments into physical cash that same day or within two to three days at worst.

 Many large companies can help you generate huge cash flows for your business, especially the big affiliate and network Marketing Companies but the downside however, is that you will have to wait a full month to be paid, and then another two to four weeks for that money to become cash in your bank account.

That is not good for fast cash flow. If you are depending on this type of business to put food on your table, you will have a huge problem. Supposing you get into a business that allows you to put your money directly into your online bank account, and then transfers that money to your local bank or debit card immediately. This may sound unimaginable, but very possible!

A fast cash generator is a better solution, for you  who wants to start online business, without a lot of money on ground, using one of these money making ideas, is a reduction of financial risk.

It is easy to check these things before you start your business, by checking through online banks. These Online banks are also known as payment processors. I always call it the First Thing First”. Let’s consider few online payment processors, and how you can cash your money fast.

 Online Payment Processors

The online payment processor is your online bank account which enables you to send and receive Payment. Some of them are linked to your local bank account or debit card accounts offline.

The Online payment processor which makes withdrawing your online earnings fast and easy, are some Automated Clearing House (ACH) and many other systems that helps you clear your online earnings into your local bank or debit card account.

To be successful in your online business, it will be wise you know which of the online payment processors suitable for your online business, and the one that also admit your country. It is not all countries that are admitted by all the payment processors. Some countries are completely black listed from using certain online payment processors. This may slow down the earning capacity of those doing legitimate business online from such countries.

List of some popular online Payment Processors:

PayPal, Payoneer, 2Checkout, Payza, FasteCash, Google Wallet, Skrill, Selz, Stripe, E-Junkie, ACH Payment, ClickBank, Amazon WebPay, Dwolla, Braintree, Moblized, Square, Wepay, Authorize.Net, woocommerce, Paymate, and many more.

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Alex Adams

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