As you already know; Nigeria is currently the country with the highest patronage and sales of Smartphones in the world. I will say this is as a result of our love for quality, good and sophisticated communication gadgets. Nigerians like very powerful phones and are ready to spend their last kobo on any phone that they believe has more function than the one in use.

Irrespective of the high cost of living, people still spend so much purchasing Smartphones. A lot of people have more than one phone, either because they are using other SIM cards or because they want to have a backup or call it standby phone, should anything go wrong with the one being used.

Some even buy different types of phones for different occasion, as funny as this may appear but, that is a reality. Some people show and display their class with the kind of phone they go about with. So, if there is a new brand of Smartphone in the Nigerian market today, so many ‘big girls’ would abandon their still new and strong phone for the new brand.

Don’t think that it’s only the ladies that are crazy about new brands of Smartphones; the men too are not left out. We have so many of them that don’t fail to buy any new brand of phone, even if it is less stronger than the one they already have, so long as it’s a new brand, they make sure they are counted amongst the users.

Some CEOs are not left out; they believe so much in the kind of phones they go about with, in fact, the kind of Smartphone some of them use is what most people describe them with. Their phones determine what their pocket-ability is like. Below is the various types of Smartphones with their corresponding prices as at early 2016. Take note of the current inflations in Nigeria due to rise in dollars:

Tecno Camon C7 sandstone black = N47, 475
Tecno Camon C9 gold = N52,000
Tecno Camon C9 black = N49,900
Tecno L8 grey = N35,485
Tecno L8 Plus silver = N41,400
Tecno W4 black = N28,500
Tecno Boom J8 white = N46,999
Tecno Y6 black = N29,900
Tecno W3 luxurious gold = N24,891
Samsung Galaxy Ace Neo G318HU black = N21,900
Samsung Galaxy J5 SM –J500F 8GB black = N61,849
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus GT-i9060I midnight black = N39,680
Innjoo Max 3 2GB champagne gold = N48,690
Innjoo Max 3 2GB metallic grey = N48,690
Innjoo Max 3 2GB rose gold = N48,690
Innjoo One black = N55,800
Innjoo Fire Plus natural bamboo = N37,200
Apple iPhone 6S 16GB gold = N267,000
Apple iPhone 6 128GB silver = N308,000
Blackberry Q5 white = N34,000
Archos 50C Platinum-blue = N24,950
Yezz Billy 4.7 blue = N13,450
Yezz Billy 4 black = N13,450
Lenovo A2010 black = N25,500
Lenovo A1000 black = N23,500
Huawei G Power Y6 gold = N49,900
Lumia 520 red = N16,700
Lumia 520 yellow = N16,700
Infinix Note 3 X601champagne gold = N54,700
Infinix Hot 4 X557 black = N36,900
Infinix Hot X S521 Champagne gold = N45,600
Infinix Note 2 X600 = N45,000
Infinix Zero 3 gold = N70,000
Infinix Hot 3 X554 space grey = N32,495
Infinix Hot 3 X554 grey = N30,900

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Alex Adams

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