Blogging has gone beyond a passion, it has become a career and a full time job to many people online. People are making serious money out of their blogs from sitting in their homes posting valueable information on their blogs.  It is obviously a cool thing to earn a few thousand dollars a month by writing about what you love the most.

Here is a list of 20 most successful blogs and bloggers of our time who are making 5figures to 7figures monthly  from their blogs. This has inspired me and can also inspire you…your blog shall be the next on the line.
1. The Huffington Post
Owner: Arianna Huffington. Monthly income: $2,330,000. Revenue: Pay Per Click Advers
2. Techcrunch
Owner: Michael Arrington. Monthly earnings: $800,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
3. Mashable
Owner: Pete Cashmore. Monthly earning: $600,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
4. Perez Hilton
Owner: Mario Lavandeira. Monthly earnings: $450,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
5. The Blonde Salad
Owner: Noupe. Monthly earnings:$200,000. Revenue: Private Advertising
6. Smashing Magazine
Owner: Vitaly Friedman. Monthly earnings: $190,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
7. SmartPassiveIncome
Owner: Pat Flynn. Monthly earnings:$153,000. Revenue: Affiliate Commissions
8. Timothy Sykes
Owner: Timothy Sykes. Monthly earnings:$150,000. Revenue: Affiliate Sales
9. TutsPlus
Owner: Collis Ta’eed. Monthly earnings:$120,000. Revenue: Membership Area
10. Life Hacker
Owner:Gina Trapani. Monthly earnings:$110,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
11. Gothamist
Owner: Jake Dobkin. Monthly earnings:$110,000. Revenue: Pay Per Click
12. TutsPlus
Owner: Collis Taeed. Monthly earnings: $110,000. Revenue: Membership Area
13. Venture Beat
Owner: Matt Marshall. Monthly earnings:$100,000. Revenue: Pay Per Click
14. Slash Gear
Owner: Ewdison Then. Monthly earnings: $80,000. Revenue: Pay Per Click
15. Car Advice
Owner: Alborz Fallah. Monthly earnings: $70,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
16. Life Hacker
Owner: Nick Denton. Monthly earnings: $60,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
17. Dooce Heather
Owner: B. Armstrong. Monthly earnings:$50,000. Revenue: Pay Per Click
18. Steve Pavlina
Owner: Steve Pavlina. Monthly earnings:$45,000. Revenue: Pay Per Click
19.Talking Point Memo
Owner: Joshua Micah Marshall. Monthly earnings: $45,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners
20. Problogger
Owner: Darren Rowse. Monthly earnings: $40,000. Revenue: Advertising Banners.
Creating your blog or website is not as complex as people make it look if proper guidelines are followed. In the current internet age, having a website is not a mere show off, but an absolute necessity. Your website can serve as your business place, business and self branding tools, marketing tools, communication channels, relationship builder, career and skills building tools, and money making machine. According to Bill Gate, “if your business is not on the internet, you will soon be out of business”, and having your own website is one of the best way to have your business on the internet…. read the full article here!

Alex Adams
Alex Adams

Alex Adams is an Internet entrepreneur, a mentor, coach, trainer, seminar leader, and multiple streams of income consultant. He Loves Gaining and Passing knowledge to make a difference!

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