Blogging is an interactive act of updating contents on the web. These contents can be in the form of articles, images, audios, videos, and software. The word “blogging” is present continuous tense of “blog”. And the word blog was derived from two combined words web and log (Weblog). Back in the 90s, blog was a simple online diaries, journals, or online chronological entries forms for passion and interest but today blog has become a dominant way of self-publishing tool made accessible to billions of internet surfers surfing the internet worldwide.

Blog today

Unlike the late 90s blogs of simple online diaries, blogs today can be a full blown website, a mini website, a video site or a social media site.

Blogs has made creating a website as easy as copy and paste. With blog, you can have a full blown website created in 15 minutes. If you were not told, you hardly differentiate between a blog and a conventional website.

Blogs are often created through specialized content management software (CMS), that enables instant publication, and are somewhat sophisticated, in the sense that users can publish their content on the Internet with just one click of the mouse!

It is an overwhelmingly popular tool these days among the online community, because of its simplicity and user-friendly features like themes, widgets, plugins, and third party integration. Indeed, unlike a conventional website, all it takes is just around 15 minutes to create a personalized blog.

Blogs are now getting spidered and indexed faster than a conventional website, due to the amount of relevant, up-to-date content they contain. Search engine giant Google, has even made available a specialized search function for blogs. Additionally, blog content may be syndicated and aggregated into RSS readers, which will give them wider exposure. It’s no wonder online marketers are taking advantage of all these benefits a blog offers! Imagine the traffic a blog can bring to your website!”

As at October 2016 over 319.8 million blogs with billions of readers could be found online with new ones being created every day. “This statistic illustrates’s cumulative total blogs from May 2011 to October 2016. As of that month, the social networking site had surpassed 319.8 million blog accounts, up from 260.5 million in the previous year”.

That is why blogging producing online millionaires faster than any internet business model. Many companies are dumping their old conventional websites for Blogs. Social Networks, microblogs and content sharing sites are smartly and fully integrating their conventional websites with blogs for content syndicate.

Blogging provides you the platform to showcase yourself and become an instant authority in your subject of interest (technology, celebrities’ gossip, business, money, romance, entertainment news, animals, politics, and spirituality e.t.c). There are lots of benefits in blogging either as a hubby or a personal business.

Two ways to benefit from blogging

  1. Be a guest blogger
  2. Own a blog

Who is a guest blogger?

A blogger is a person that updates a blog and a guest blogger is a person that helps blog owners to update their blogs on a regular basis for a fee. Once you are good in article writing, audio post cast, video promotion, software creation, a blog owner can hire you for and of the service and that alone can generate you $100 income daily if you are good at it. Guest blogging can give you some level of income and authority but the major benefit and the credit goes to the blog owner. The best option is to own a blog.

Own a Blog

A detail report on how to create a blog is treated in my eBook “Blogging Demystify” but right here I will give you the basic hint on creating your blog.

We have two types of blogs

  1. Free host blogs
  2. Self host blogs

Free host blogs

At zero budgets, you can create your free blogs and start updating content on any of the blogging platform below:,,,,,,,, are top leading free blogging platform. All you need to sign free is your email address. Some of the setbacks of free blogs are: sub domain of your domain name e.g. or or and others will stamp your blog with their banners or adverts.

You can actually make a living from free blogs but it makes you look unprofessional and under the control of your hosting platform. You must keep to their terms and conditions, anytime they go down, you go down with them. Technorati tracks over 175million blogs out of which the top 100 blogs has no single free blog or so, free blog can put food on your table but cannot take you to the best.

Self host blog

Let’s face it! The top 10 blogs earning millions of dollars annually are self host. Starting from ($29,896 daily), ($15,781 daily), and ($14,816 daily) and on and on – You can search the top 50 earning blogs to see the list.

These top earning blog do not start making money the very day they started blogging, there is the hard work and learning curve of it.

How do I setup myself host blog?

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Get a webhost
  3. Setup your blog using quick install or fantastico under from your webhost
  4. Customize and optimize your blog
  5. Enriched your blog with quality content
  6. Monetize your blog
  7. Promote your blog

Though all these steps can take professional blogger few minutes, it usually takes some beginners few days or weeks. In most cases, you can hire a profession blogger to set it up for you. Hire us Now!

Why you need a blog today!

  1. Is your online business address. 2. All internet business can be done on blog. 3. Endless cash flow. 4. Turns you into Authority and celebrity in your field of endeviour

Blogging holds the future. Feel free to find me on skype: techclus, Hire us Now, Join us on WhatsApp!

Hoping to work with your on blogsphere.

Alex Adams
Alex Adams

Alex Adams is an Internet entrepreneur, a mentor, coach, trainer, seminar leader, and multiple streams of income consultant. He Loves Gaining and Passing knowledge to make a difference!

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